What to Expect During and After a Bone Grafting Procedure

Bone grafting makes it possible for those with limited bone tissue to get dental implants. The effects of poor oral hygiene go well beyond horrible breath and yellow teeth. If patients do not promptly address oral health concerns such as … Continued

Preparing for Oral Surgery

How to Prepare for Oral Surgery Knowing how to prepare for oral surgery and what to expect during the procedure will help you be able to relax before the big day. It will also shorten the recovery period. Most dental … Continued

Welcome to Nothing But Wisdom Teeth

We are committed to providing quality service to residents located In the Roseville, CA area. Our website has additional information about the following topics: Oral Surgery, Oral Surgery Near Me, Wisdom Tooth Extractions, Tooth Extraction, Emergency Extractions, Bone Grafting Dentist, … Continued

Do All Teens Need a Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Should a wisdom teeth extraction be scheduled for adolescents automatically? This is something that is often up for debate between dental professionals and parents. Ultimately, everyone's goal is for adolescents to be in good oral health and remain that way … Continued