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About Nothing But Wisdom Teeth

At Nothing But Wisdom Teeth, we take the time to truly understand a patient’s needs. Many people may not even realize their wisdom teeth are the source of their pain and attempt to treat it with painkillers from the store. Other people will seek medical attention at a walk-in clinic, unaware of the true cause. There is only one way to truly deal with wisdom teeth that are causing pain and that is by having a professional remove them.

We can provide the professional treatment necessary to relieve pain and help patients regain use of their teeth again. We use proper sedation techniques to prevent patients from feeling any pain during the procedure. In many cases, there will only be a minor soreness for a few days after the procedure. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us today.

Meet The Doctor

Lindsay M. Johnson-Metro, DDS

Lindsay M. Johnson-Metro, DDS


Dr. Lindsay Johnson-Metro graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from University of the Pacific in 2002. She is a general dentist, and her practice, Nothing But Wisdom Teeth, is limited to oral surgery and IV sedation.

Dr. Johnson-Metro attends numerous continuing education courses to keep her clinical skills sharp and up to date. She received her IV Sedation License by participating in an advanced training course under dental anesthesiologists Dr. Stanley Malamed and Dr. Ken Reed at OHSU continuing education dental clinic. Dr. Johnson-Metro is also certified in Advanced Life Support and Advanced Airway Support and keeps patient safety as her first priority all times.

While she takes her role as an oral health advocate very seriously, Dr. Johnson-Metro takes a light-hearted approach to her day in hopes of evoking a smile from those who elect her services.

When she isn't pulling teeth or sedating patients, Dr. Johnson-Metro enjoys spending time with her daughter, Avery, dachshund, Sophie, and friends. She enjoys trail running and exploring places like Napa Valley.

Meet The Team

Jill Marté

Office/Business Manager

Jill has worked with Dr. Metro at Nothing But Wisdom Teeth just a short time, but was a patient before coming to work here! As she like to tell everyone, "I was so impressed with what Dr. Johnson-Metro did for my teeth, I wanted to be a part of it". She has 30+ years management experience and loves to keep everyone organized and running on track. She even assists in surgery when necessary. She is certified in Basic Life Support and is Team Wisdom's "Mom".