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At Nothing But Wisdom Teeth, we help patients receive the professional treatment they need by treating wisdom teeth and overcrowding issues. While dentistry involves prevention or infection and attempting to save as much of the natural tooth as possible, wisdom teeth can cause multiple oral health issues in patients. Fortunately, we specialize in removing excess teeth and preventing these issues from negatively impacting daily life.

Our goal is to provide patients with pain relief from wisdom teeth and other overcrowding issues. Far too often, people do not visit the dentist until they experience excruciating pain from wisdom teeth. Due to this, the pain makes life much more difficult. We can remove the wisdom teeth before they cause incredible amounts of pain.

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About the Practice

Our Team

From the moment patients walk in the door to any follow-up care, we provide patients with the quality care they need to relax during the treatment. We create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for patients to receive treatment. It is important to ensure that people have an oral health professional remove wisdom teeth properly. While people remember a variety of methods to remove a loose tooth as a child, wisdom teeth will need professional care since they are known as third molars. These molars are at the back of the mouth and can erupt from the gums sideways, pushing into other teeth. Our team has the skills to effectively remove these teeth in order to relieve pain.

Our Services

Along with removing wisdom teeth, we also extract other teeth and offer methods for replacing missing teeth that are necessary. Our services include wisdom tooth extractions, emergency extractions, bone grafting, implant dentistry, dental crowns, non-wisdom tooth extractions, implant supported dentures, sedation dentistry, restorative dentistry, smile makeover, oral surgery, teeth whitening, sedation dentistry and more. Since each patient is unique, we will customize the procedure to a patient’s needs. While some patients may hear that people continue to live with their wisdom teeth, leaving the wisdom teeth in the mouth is not a common situation. Removing the wisdom teeth or excess teeth is crucial to one’s overall health. The first step is to call and schedule an appointment.

Patient Information

To begin the treatment process, we will need to gather information on your medical history, current condition, insurance provider, any allergies and any other pertinent information we may need to know. Once we gather this information, we will then conduct an examination to determine the necessary treatment. We understand that each patient is unique and will tailor the treatment to specific needs the patient has, when necessary. We will also go over any after-care tips you need to know. For instance, if you need to be asleep for the procedure, you will need to have someone else to give you a ride home after the appointment. We will go over all details during an appointment.