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Not so scary, after all!

Wisdom tooth patient Mason

We pride ourselves on providing the following services in a friendly,

comfy environment for a price that won't break the bank.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

We remove all types of wisdom teeth, from fully impacted to fully erupted. For

most patients, we extract wisdom teeth under IV sedation, which creates a

pleasant experience out of an often dreaded one.

Non-Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Contrary to our name, we do offer extractions of non-wisdom teeth if needed. This is often a more economical alternative to restoring a problem tooth and removing infection from the mouth.

Emergency Extractions

If you are in pain and need a tooth extracted ASAP, we can fit you in our schedule for an emergency extraction.

Dental Implants

Dr. Metro places dental implants to replace missing or failing teeth. Implants are permanent and can also be used in conjunction with dentures to offer a more hassle-free solution.


Bone Graft & Membrane

Bone grafting and membrane placement can be done to fill a socket where a tooth has been removed and there is not sufficient bone already in place. We also place them in preparation for dental implants.

​​IV Sedation

We offer IV sedation to help our patients relax and sleep through their dental surgery. It offers a deeper level of sedation than oral conscious sedation or nitrous oxide/laughing gas.

Complex Extraction


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