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We first obtain the health history of the patient; this form as well as pre- & post-sedation instructions can be printed directly from our website by the patient or your office and faxed or emailed back to us. Based on the discovered health history, we will determine whether the patient is a candidate for IV moderate sedation and if they are we will call them for a phone consultation to review pre- and post-sedation instructions and answer any questions. We will then call your office to set up an appointment time to accommodate everyone.

We arrive at your office 30 minutes prior to the patient's appointment to set up.  Once the patient arrives, they sign our consent forms and we go over any issues/questions they may have.  We then administer the anesthesia to the patient and monitor vital signs throughout the procedure. Once the doctor is finished with the dentistry, we recover the patient and make sure their escort is aware of post-sedation care.

We continually monitor blood pressure,

heart rate and blood-oxygen levels.

mobile iv sedation monitoring
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Mobile Sedation

Sedation Solutions

Keep your patients in your office where they're most comfortable.

If you have patients who would like to be sedated for their dental work, we provide mobile sedation services.  For patients who require a level of sedation beyond what oral conscious sedation can obtain, we offer IV moderate sedation.  Our delighted colleagues enjoy focusing solely on dentistry, and patients are thrilled to be able to sleep through the entire procedure.

How does the process work exactly

It is our goal to create a pleasant experience for the patient as well as the doctor and staff.  If you would like to utilize our mobile sedation services, please call to schedule: 916.899.5067.  We look forward to working with your office!

Payment & Other Details

We take payment directly from the patient as a flat cash rate. You/they are welcome to submit a claim to their

insurance provider if desired.

Maximum sedation time is two hours. Patients are typically awake and ready to leave very shortly after the

procedure is finished.

We are more than happy to sedate for multiple patients each day.

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