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Monitoring & Supplemental Oxygen

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IV Sedation

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Keep Calm & Snore On

We provide IV sedation for patients to help them relax during surgery.

IV sedation provides many benefits to patients who are nervous about their wisdom tooth removal. It is safe and effective and we have seen great results with patients who say the whole procedure was much 'better' than they anticipated!

IV Sedation vs. Oral Conscious Sedation

With IV sedation, sedatives are administered intravenously through a port placed with a very small catheter in

your arm. Oral conscious sedation involves a patient swallowing a sedative in pill form. These pills are                          usually diazepam or lorazepam, which relax you, but don't necessarily put you to sleep. IV sedation is able to                         put patients in a deeper sleep and we often prescribe diazepam or lorazepam to take before hand to help you                         sleep the night before and relieve anxiety the morning of surgery. IV sedation takes effect much faster than

oral conscious and is more predictable because the drugs are not going through the digestive system first.

Technical Details

We tailor the combination and dosage of drugs used to suit each individual patient's needs. Midazolam is                          used as a sedative and fentanyl, hydromorphone or demerol are used to manage pain. (These are the same drugs that are often used for procedures such as colonoscopies and endoscopies.) Once the patient is asleep, Dr. Metro administers local anesthetic as well to make sure no pain is felt. These local anesthetics and pain killers will last for a few hours after you leave, giving you time to settle in a comfy spot at home and get your post-op meds on board.

Safety Measures

Patient safety is our top priority and we take every precaution to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Dr. Metro is certified in Advanced Life Support (CPR, AED & ER Meds) as well as Advanced

Airway Support. All surgical assistants are certified in Basic Life Support (CPR & AED), and the

entire team participates in monthly ER training.

                                                               During surgery every patient is connected to a monitor

                                                               which reads for three different vital signs: blood pressure,

                                                               heart rate/pulse and blood oxygen level. We support

                                                               patients with supplemental oxygen as an extra safety

                                                               measure. Dr. Metro is present throughout the entire

                                                               surgery with two surgical assistants to help support the

                                                               patient's jaw and airway. Because extractions are the vast

                                                               majority of what we do on a daily basis, we have​ been able

                                                               to develop a system that provides for maximum safety

                                                               through repetition and excellent communication.

What to Expect

If necessary, you will take a pre-med to help you relax the night before and the morning of surgery.

Dr. Metro will place the IV, usually in your arm (inside of elbow) and administer the drugs. You will

start to feel sleepy very quickly and many patients even start to snore! Depending upon your

individual needs, the surgery typically takes no longer than 15 to 30 minutes. You will start to wake

up once the extractions are finished and we will monitor you until you are awake, aware and

ambulatory. We'll give you a ride to your car in our awesome wheelchair and you'll be on the road

to recovery!

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