Have a question about wisdom teeth extractions?
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1. How long will my wisdom tooth surgery appointment last?

    Typical wisdom tooth removal appointments last about one hour. We do ask that your escort/driver waits in our office, because __surgery is usually done faster than you would think.


2. How long will I need to take off of work or school after having my wisdom teeth taken out?

    Everyone recovers differently after wisdom tooth extractions, but expect to be "out of commission" for three to five days after __surgery. We schedule surgeries on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. This allows patients to use the weekend as recovery time, __with less time taken off of work or school. If you need a doctor's excuse, just let us know!

3. Can I be sedated for wisdom teeth extractions?

    Yes, we use IV sedation for almost all wisdom teeth cases. Without sedation, appointments are longer and often more __traumatic. It's best for you and our team if you're snoring away during the surgery.

4. Does it hurt to have wisdom teeth removed?

    Many patients do experience some degree of pain after extractions. The level depends on your tolerance for pain, how involved __your particular case is and how well you stick to the post-op instructions. It is normal for the pain to spike on day three and __subside after that. The most important thing you can do is rest and take your medications as directed.

5. What will happen if I don't get my wisdom teeth extracted?

    If not extracted, wisdom teeth can cause a multitude of problems:

​              — Lack of space causes crowding

              — Bacteria can damage wisdom teeth and their neighboring teeth that you do need

              — Cysts can occur

              — Fully grown roots make for a more difficult surgery

              — Delayed healing with age

6. Do you do emergency extractions?

    Absolutely! If you have a tooth that needs to be removed on short notice, we always do our best to fit you into our schedule for __emergency removal of wisdom teeth as well as other teeth.

7. What and when can I eat after I have my wisdom teeth taken out?

    We recommend that you eat and take your pain meds as soon as you get home after surgery. You will need to stick to a liquid __or soft foods diet for the next five to seven days after wisdom tooth removal. Nothing crunchy, spicy or with seeds that can get __caught in the sockets.

              — Smoothies                     — Creamy Soups

              — Yogurt                            — Protein Drinks

              — Mashed Potatoes          — Milkshakes!

8. Can I use my insurance to pay for wisdom tooth surgery?

    Sure! We accept most major PPO dental insurance plans like Delta, MetLife, Premier Access and more.

9. I don't have dental insurance, so how can I pay for my dental extractions?

    We accept cash patients as well, and we even offer great discounts to those who don't have dental insurance. We are __contracted with Care Credit and Lending Club to offer you up to six months of interest-free payments plans.

10. I already had a panoramic x-ray done somewhere else, can I use that at Nothing But Wisdom Teeth?

      Yep! As long as it was done within one year of your appointment with us, we can use your x-ray from another office.

Frequently Asked Questions

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