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Implant, abutment & crown.

So you've got a few bad teeth and had them fixed with root canals and crowns. But those have broken or failed too! So what do you do to fix the problem without sinking endless amounts of money into it? Dental implants may be the answer.

Dental implants are permanent tooth replacements that often last beyond the grave. They look and function like your real teeth, and unlike crowns or bridges, they rarely need to be replace if done well. If you are in need of full mouth teeth replacement, you can certainly get implants placed for each tooth, but a more practical and economical solution would be to get an 'implant over denture'. The full mouth denture is held in place with three to four implants and there are no issues with messy denture paste and ill-fitting pieces.

There are actually three parts to what is referred to as an entire dental implant:
implant, abutment and crown. The implant itself is a metal screw-like device that
is, you guessed it, screwed into the mandible or maxilla (aka the jaw). After three
to four months of healing from the implant placement, the connecting piece, or
abutment is placed, followed by the crown, or 'tooth' part that you see in your
Implants are often placed while you are under anesthesia to make for a
more pleasant experience.

If it is determined that you do not have enough bone to support and implant,
don't worry! Having a
bone graft and membrane place will help with that.
​Cadaver bone is packed into the socket where your tooth used to be and a

protective membrane is placed over it. The cadaver bone turns into your own

bone and the membrane turns into your own gum tissue. The bone graft acts as

scaffolding for your future implant, providing a strong base to help your implant

outlast you!

Dental Implants - Get the 411 10/14/2016

Bone graft and membrane placement.