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Non-Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Contrary to our name, we do offer extractions other than wisdom teeth!

If a tooth is not restorable (the problem cannot be fixed with a filling or root canal & crown) it probably needs to be extracted. We even offer bone graft and membrane, so you have the option to receive a dental implant to replace the missing tooth in the future. Oftentimes, it is not financially possible for a restoration. In that case, it is best to remove a rotting or infected tooth. Your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body, so it is not a good idea to leave the infected tooth in place.

We can also fit you in for emergency extractions on short notice.

As with wisdom teeth, extractions of molars, canines, bicuspids etc. may vary in complexity. Dr. Johnson-Metro offers simple and complex extractions at Nothing But Wisdom Teeth under local anesthetic or IV sedation, depending on individual patient needs.

     Simple Extraction

          -  Intact Tooth

          -  Tooth fully erupted

          -  Normal root formation

          -  Normal position

          -  Easily accessible

     Complex Extraction
          -  Broken tooth

          -  Tooth not yet erupted
          -  Little to no tooth remaining above gum line
          -  Unusually long/large/curved roots
          -  Unusual position

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Dental Extractions

complex dental extraction

Complex extraction.

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